Sunday, June 15, 2008

And Now, We Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Posting...

Just wanted to send a huge shout out to all of you dads out there! V and I took B out for breakfast this morning, partly for Father's Day, but mostly because there was a very early showing of our house. We're trying to get the house sold in our current city before we move to our new one, but it looks like we may have to deal with two mortgages for a while, unless the house gets sold some time this week. We have another showing happening this afternoon that got scheduled right after breakfast, which might be promising! Let's keep our fingers crossed, shall we? It would be a great present for B for Father's Day. So far, he's received a strawberry pie (his favorite) that was made using fresh strawberries from the local farmer's market. I'm also working on a chain maille dice bag for him. Yeah...because that's how geeky he and I truly are! I just started it yesterday, and it's going to take longer than I thought it would. It'll be a late Father's Day gift, but that's okay, because I didn't get my Mother's Day gift until a couple of weeks after the holiday, so we'll be even! I'll post pictures when I get the dice bag done. Anyway, I hope all of you other fathers out there have a great day! You're all very special to us mommies, wives, sisters, and daughters! We love you! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!!

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