Friday, December 19, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

We finally got our Christmas tree out and up last Friday. B thought it would be a good idea to leave the ornaments off for a while, so our cat and our son could get used to the fact that there's a small, fake pine tree living in our front room. It's pre-lit, which saved us so much time from the usual untangling of lights, making sure they work, and winding them around and around the tree. Wednesday night, we brought out all of our old and newer ornaments and set to work. It was the first time V's ever helped us decorate a tree, and I think he had fun!

That last picture is of "Kringus: Devourer of the Twelve Kingdoms of Christmas". Yes, it's technically just our Christmas tree with a pair of paper, comic-strip-looking eyes stuck to it. It's based on a recurring Christmas theme from our favorite webcomic PvP. Here's a recent strip for clarification, entitled "Kringus Returns".
Have a very Merry and Geeky Christmas, everyone!


Momma Bear said...

Hey you should do a pictorial of your house for those who haven't seen it yet...just a thought!
:O Merry Christmas!

Amanda C. said...

I've thought about doing that, but I'm thinking about waiting until we have more furniture in a couple of rooms, and fewer boxes of stuff leftover in others! Also, all the walls are bare, and I'd like to put some pictures up at some point.