Monday, December 29, 2008

Recovering (Literally) From Christmas

It's sort of becoming a tradition that our son gets sick around Christmas. Last year, we were at my in-laws' house, and on Christmas Eve, V came down with a nasty stomach bug. Luckily, he was fine all day on Christmas, and neither B nor I had any symptoms until some time after the holiday. This year, it seemed our big gift to each other was that same nasty stomach bug. V started in with it very early Christmas morning in our bed. Yuck. He'd had a rough day with it two days before, but we assumed it was a continuation of his croup. Some kids puke when they have too much snot draining down into their little tummies. We slept late Christmas morning, had a small brunch, and opened our presents to each other. It was a nice little Christmas morning, and V really enjoyed the toys he received from Santa. We settled in for a relaxing day around the house, and everything seemed fine until V threw up his breakfast on the family room carpet. Poor little guy. He seemed okay after that, and we relaxed again for the rest of the day. Then, without warning, around four o'clock or so in the afternoon, the bug hit me big time. I spent the rest of the day either in bed trying to sleep it off or in the bathroom. I was glad we had had such a great Christmas Eve, visiting Santa at a local mall, wrapping Christmas presents together, and driving around looking at Christmas light displays. I didn't feel so bad spending my Christmas evening in bed away from my boys trying to feel better. The day after Christmas, V and I both rested on the couch in the family room while B worked at the office. He managed to rearrange his schedule a bit, so he could come home earlier and give me a chance to rest a little more. He went out and bought us chicken noodle soup, too, which was exactly what both V and I needed for our tummies. We missed the Christmas get together with B's grandmother, but we were looking forward to spending the weekend with the rest of B's family. Then, that night, the stomach bug visited B. He hardly ever gets sick, and when he does, he doesn't seem to get it as bad as V or I, and he seems to recover much faster. However, this thing came at all of us fast, and it came hard. B was just as sick as V and I. I was afraid we were going to miss his family's Christmas, but Saturday morning, he felt well enough to sit in a car for the trip to his parents' house, and he slept there until it was time to go to the party at his sister's. After the party, all three of us crawled into bed in his old room and fell asleep early. Yesterday morning, we all seemed to be on the mend, though not quite 100%. At least we were all eating okay, which was the main thing. We had a great time opening presents with my in-laws, and I was happy we were well enough to see my mother-in-law and father-in-law get their surprise present of Rose Bowl tickets. Their youngest daughter lives in Pasadena, and they're visiting her this week, so we thought it would make their trip extra special if we could get them tickets to the game. After dinner, we loaded up all the wonderful presents and the rest of our gear and drove back home without incident. B went to work this morning, though I know he's still not completely healthy. He's on-call, though, and he has a light day. He can rest in the call room in between cases, and if he's not busy this evening, he can come home to sleep. Then, tomorrow when he's post-call, he can spend the day resting. V and I seem to be doing much better. In fact, V ate like there was no tomorrow, this morning, and he's still eating at lunch time! We have plans to spend New Year's gaming with friends, so I hope that we're all completely over this thing by then. I apologize if there's just too much information in this post. However, it is what it is. These things happen, and though it happened over Christmas, I must admit that we were still able to have a pretty good time and enjoy ourselves. I just hope that we're able to break this little tradition come Christmas-time, next year.
Best to you all, and hope you had a good holiday, too.

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