Thursday, January 8, 2009

Down The Rabbit Hole...

While reading through my Twitter feed today, I found a couple of interesting and completely random things.
A long time ago, I discovered a great website called "The Brunching Shuttlecocks". It was full of hilarious commentary, funny movie reviews, and random geeky things that appealed to my inner-nerd self. The website, unfortunately, couldn't last forever. I was surprised, and thrilled, then, to find (through a post on Wil Wheaton's blog) that Lore Sjoberg, one of the main contributors to the "Shuttlecocks" page, is still writing and has a wonderfully funny new site called "Bad Gods". It's mostly web comic strips with a few animations and fun little games mixed in for good measure. I especially like the "Monster Manual Comix", for obvious reasons.
My friend and Dead Gentleman Ben Dobyns tweeted that there's a new anthology out with contributions by him and Neil Gaiman (among many other worthy writers) to benefit a talented musician who is ill and needs support for rising medical costs. I am not familiar with the musician, S.J. Tucker, but I have learned that she is also a friend of Ben's, and as the saying goes, "Any friend of his is a friend of mine." Plus, the anthology has tales by Ben AND Neil FREAKIN' Gaiman. That did it for me.
Finally, our board gaming group came over to our house last night, and I fed them all with my Cincinnati Three-Way Chili (recipe soon to follow) and Chocolate Rice Pudding, a recipe I found by watching Giada De Laurentiis on "The Food Network". I think both dinner and dessert went over very well, and I'm still eating leftover rice pudding tonight. Yummy!

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