Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ride 'Em, Cowboy!

My sewing teacher asked me last week if I wanted to make something for my son during my next sewing lesson. She had a cute pattern for a denim cowboy vest, and I was immediately excited about finding the fabrics and notions, because it included adding fringe and fun buttons to the front. Like my last sewing lessons, I was able to get the vest finished with help from my teacher, and I added the fringe and buttons at home this evening. V immediately put it on and posed for pictures. He thought it was great fun to pretend to be a cowboy, though the only thing I have remotely close to a "horse" for him to ride is my moose-shaped footstool. The outside of the vest is a lightweight denim. The inside is lined with a blue calico fabric printed with darker blue stars. I'm not sure what the fringe is made of, but it looks like faux suede and feels like very thin velvet. I really loved the buttons when I found them. They look like old-fashioned star badges. I had some extra fabric before I went to my lesson because I'd found a great calico fabric with a bandanna print last Friday. I decided to sew some of that fabric into a small square that, when folded in half, can be worn as a bandanna. It was a little too small for V's neck, but it fit my moose just fine!

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