Friday, November 28, 2008

Off On More Adventures...

B, V, and I will be leaving tomorrow for another week long vacation. We'll be spending the weekend at B's parents' house because they bought us tickets for the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" in Cincinnati tomorrow night. It's an early Christmas present and something they've wanted us to see ever since they saw it last year. As an extra bonus, it'll be a "date night" for B and I, while V spends the evening with his grandparents. He's still too young to go to big, loud, long concerts, and it'd be really tough for him to stay in his seat the entire time, even if the show did keep his attention. Maybe we'll take him when he's older. We'll spend Sunday relaxing and preparing for the long flight to Los Angeles on Monday. V hasn't been on a plane since last May, so we don't really know what to expect. This will be the first time we've taken his car seat on a plane, too. Before, he was still small enough to stay on our laps. I think he'll like having his own seat, but I keep wondering how long it will take before he decides he's tired of sitting in it. We're going to take our portable DVD player as well as some small toys, crayons, and paper. Hopefully, he'll have plenty to keep him occupied, and maybe he'll even take a nap! We're going to be staying in the Pasadena area near where my sister-in-law lives. She's the big reason we're going to California. She's been back home to Indiana only once since she moved out there, so it'll be nice to see her again and spend some time getting to know her new city. I'm also looking forward to some sunshine and warm weather. I've found several touristy things on-line that look like fun to see and/or do. B and I plan on going over those together before we leave, but we'll probably plan everything on the spur of the moment while we're there. That always seems to make our trips more fun! I think B will be taking his laptop with him, so we may have an Internet connection while there. Otherwise, I may not be blogging again until we get back. Hopefully, I'll have pictures and stories to share!
Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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