Friday, August 8, 2008

B's New Job, Week 1

I'm happy to report we made it through the first week of B's new job as an OB/GYN. Technically, it's not completely finished, since he's seeing patients in the office today. However, he did have his first call night on Wednesday and sailed right through it. Every doctor's practice does things differently, and his office is no exception. He works with five other doctors, and he will take call every fifth night during the week, at least one Friday a month, and one whole weekend (Saturday and Sunday) a month. When a doctor takes call in his practice, they start their shift in the morning. They spend the day in the hospital doing surgeries and deliveries, and their shift continues until the following morning, when the next physician takes over. Brian's first call shift was a little different than most because he saw a few patients in the office before heading in to the hospital (it could be like that all the time, I'm still learning about his schedule, too). He was still working at the hospital until about 6:45 or so on Wednesday. V and I had gone to a local park at that time to meet up with our new moms' group. Afterward, we met B at our friends' house, where our board gaming group was meeting. V and I were pretty tired from the day, so we didn't stay long, especially since the group wasn't really playing any games while we were there. B stayed to hang out with them, and he didn't get home until about 1 am. I wondered if he ever had to go into the hospital or if he'd been playing games the whole time. I found out later that it was the latter. He never got any calls in the middle of the night, and the next morning, he went in to the hospital to round on the few patients that were there. He was back home later that morning, and he had the rest of the day off! I was so happy to have him around, since I had a lot of chores to do in the yard and couldn't really do them while I was watching V. So, it ended up being a very light first call for B, and though I know that not all of his call shifts will be like that, it bodes well for the rest of his career. His days in the office are kind of long, but he doesn't get up in the morning until about 7 am or so (as opposed to 5 am when he was in residency), and most of the evenings this week, he's been done around 6:30 or so. It's nice to have him home for dinner, and I'm really going to like having him home on his post-call days. It's all definitely different than residency, and though it may not last and he may get busier as the days pass, it's still been a better week for the family than we ever had while he was working in residency.
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