Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm Sick of Being Sick

When I checked in with my mom while we were at Gen Con last weekend, she told me that she wasn't feeling very well and that V had the start of a cold, as well. He had caught it from one of his cousins, one of whom had just started Kindergarten that week. We picked V up on Sunday and found that he had a seriously runny nose and a slight cough. Mom was in her room in bed with a fever and a nasty virus or something. Well, it didn't take long for me to start feeling symptoms. Yesterday, I had a sore throat all day. Today, it's still sore with some congestion in my nose. What's worse is B was feeling the same symptoms as well yesterday, which means we're all sick. I hate that. I don't mind being sick at home as long as I can take care of V and the house. However, B can't just take off work whenever he wants when he feels bad, especially since he's so new with his office. He's working as I write this, and I hope he's feeling good enough to take care of his patients. He's on-call tomorrow, and then, he has Friday off, since he'll be post-call. Hopefully, the weekend will give him a chance to rest and get over this thing. I just hope I start feeling better, soon. It's hard enough to take care of a sick child, but it's even worse when the parent feels just as bad. I didn't want to do anything but lay on the couch under a blanket last night, which made V very upset. He wanted me to play with him, and I just didn't have the energy. Today, we're both kind of laying around doing very little. I want to get him out and about, but I'm waiting until he's feeling a little better and not so snotty. Poor little guy. The worse part about this whole situation is that we're still waiting for B's insurance to kick in, which may take a couple of months, and V still hasn't seen a pediatrician for his 2 year appointment. I may just have to make an appointment with someone and cover the costs until the insurance is ready. If V gets any worse and needs medical care, I'm not sure what we're going to do, except take him to an urgent care and hope it's not too expensive. One light at the end of the tunnel is that we're in the process of actually selling our house in Ohio. We finally got an offer last week after having the house on the market since April, and after the potential buyers countered our counter-offer, we accepted and are now going through all of the necessary paperwork to get everything finished. It looks as though we may have a possible sell date in early to mid-September, depending on the sellers and the inspection process and whatnot. I'm worried about the inspection, since our house is old, and though we repaired and renovated as much as possible, it's still not completely "new" looking. I guess there's no worrying about it until everything is finally settled. I'm ready to get rid of the extra mortgage payments and all of the bills associated with the house. Then, we can officially move on with our lives here in Indiana. Well, I best be going, so I can take care of our little guy, who's dripping from his nose and whining pitifully. I hate being sick, and I hate when he's sick, too.
Best to you all,


Jason and Beth said...

i think i have the same thing :(
Also, congrats on the house sale, that's awesome!!
We are about to put our house on the market...ahhh. And so our tails are super busy over here. I can feel your pain from when you were working to get your house ready. We are putting cabinets together this weekend and I'm pretty much going to paint every room in the house and thanks to your suggestion about the drylock paint I need to paint the basement soon. hang in there!

Amanda C. said...

Good luck with the house renovations! I sooo feel your pain, right now. I'm glad we found a house here in Indiana that needs nothing done, unless we want to update paint, wallpaper, or carpeting--you know, cosmetic stuff. Hope you have an easy selling process, or at least, much easier and faster than ours!