Tuesday, July 15, 2008

And, Now, The Internet Can Implode...

So, we just got back from vacation on Sunday, and later that evening, I innocently uploaded some pictures from our little vaca to my blog. I also, just as innocently, commented on Wil Wheaton's blog that I had added a picture of his book among other things I took on vacation with me to my blog. Yesterday, our internet connection in our new home went down, so I didn't find out until just now in our public library that not only did Wil Wheaton see my comment, he also posted my picture of his book and said a few nice things about it on his own blog. All I can say is that I'm deeply honored for him to acknowledge me in this way. I will admit that I had a major crush on him as Wesley Crusher on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" growing up. Now, I deeply admire him as a writer and father. I have no other words to describe this moment except "Awesome". And, now, because he linked to my blog and I in turn linked back to his post about my blog on his blog, the Internet can implode and I would be perfectly happy. Thanks, Wil. It meant a lot. The title of your book The Happiest Days of Our Lives couldn't be any more appropriate than how I feel right now.
Best to all,


Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

How unexpected is that?

Amanda C. said...

Totally unexpected. I knew he read his comments on his blog, but I had no idea he'd check out the link to my blog I left there. I just thought it was a fun idea to share with everyone what I did on vacation and share with him that his book was included. It's a great read and appropriate for taking on a trip, I think, because it can be put down and picked up again fairly easily. So, it really was a great addition to my efforts to relax with my family.