Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Backyard Friend

I saw one of our little bunny friends in the backyard this evening, and it sat still enough at one point for me to finally get a picture. If no one is in the sun room, the two rabbits (or more, though I've never seen more than two at the same time) come pretty close to the back of the house and happily chew away at what's left of my Gerbera daisies, which didn't travel well from Ohio. After taking the picture and scaring Bunny away, I went back into the house, only to discover him later actually sitting in the Gerbera daisy container and eating at the leaves. Both of the rabbits I've seen are very small, so I don't know if they're babies or just a small breed. Either way, they're awfully cute, and I love that our neighborhood's so quiet and they feel so comfortable coming into our yard. I wouldn't be surprised if we found their nest under our deck, since they seem to run that way when they see us moving in our sun room.

Here's Bunny:

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