Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting To Know You, Part 3

It's really been a week of new experiences for us. V and I just returned from our first meet-up with a large group of moms in our new city. First of all, I think that is the best website in the world, especially if you're a new parent (yes, dads can use the website, too) and if you're new to an area. Just type in your zip code, and you're instantly connected to other parents in your town. That's how I met the amazing moms and dads in our old city in Ohio, and it's basically how I met the group of moms here in Indiana, today. I sent out a request on Mamasource for information on any play groups in the area who might be interested in more members. In less than a day, I received two responses to my request, one of which inviting me to join a group through another website called The site is great because not only do members post little profiles about themselves, but they're also provided with a calendar of events. Members can RSVP in advance for specific events and see who may be joining them. The particular moms group I joined had a meet-up today at the local Barnes & Noble for coffee for the adults and play time for the kids. The store is minutes away from our house and it looked as though a lot of moms were going to be there, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for V and I to meet other people. I'm so glad we went! V had so much fun playing with the other kids, especially at the Thomas the Train set located in the Children's Section of the store. I had a great time meeting some of the other moms and getting to know them and their children. One mom and I in particular seemed to hit it off fairly quickly. She and I have a lot in common right now: our sons are only a day apart in age (though she has an infant son, as well); she used to teach and now stays at home with her boys; her husband is going to be starting a new job, too; and they all just moved to the area about a month ago from another state. It was nice to find someone else in the same boat as us. We didn't stay at the store for very long, since it was close to V's nap time, but I'm already looking forward to future meetings with this group of moms. I've gathered from the calendar of events that they try to meet several times a week, so everyone has an opportunity to get to know each other at some point. I liked the informal atmosphere of the meet-up today and that there will be gatherings at all sorts of places throughout the city in the future. Also, they had a "moms only" game night last month, which sounded like a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to more activities like that, so I can get to know the ladies themselves a little bit better. Hopefully, both V and I will gain lifelong friendships with some of the moms and their kids. All in all, I'm pretty excited about living here!
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Miss P and Baby E's Mama said...

Yay! So happy you are already making mommy-friends in your new hometown.