Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Getting To Know You, Part 2

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that we finally met our next door neighbors this past weekend, too. They're a young couple with two young sons, a six-year-old and a three-year-old. We had just returned from the farmer's market when we saw them in their driveway. Apparently, the couple's parents were going to take the boys on a camping trip for the weekend. While we introduced ourselves and talked a bit, V had no problems getting acquainted with the youngest of the two boys. I'm thrilled he's become so sociable and actually initiates play with other kids. I was such a shy kid growing up, and I was afraid he might inherit that from me. I guess I've been so outgoing in the past few years, it's rubbed off on our son. Anyway, I'm really happy our neighbors have young kids and are about our age, too. I foresee us having lots of spontaneous get-togethers and play dates in the near future. Maybe B and I can turn them on to playing board games, if they don't play already. That would just be an added bonus! Either way, it'll be nice to have possible babysitters living so close! ;) Well, it's late, and I better get to bed soon. We've been trying to transition V to a toddler bed, which is located next to our bed right now. He's okay when I put him to bed after he falls asleep, but he's been waking up at 2 am wanting to get back in bed with us almost every single night. Some nights, he doesn't even make it into his toddler bed. Last night, he woke up and took forever to get comfortable again. I ended up taking him to our guest room with me, so B could get the sleep he needs for his new job. I hope we don't end up in the guest room again, tonight. Does anyone have any recommendations on getting a 2-year-old to sleep through the night? We could use any advice we can get, right now! ;)
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