Friday, July 25, 2008

Why I Love Our New House....

This morning, while we were just sitting in our family room enjoying some time together, I noticed some movement through the windows of our sun room out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see a doe and her fawn in our backyard happily nibbling away on our wildflowers. Luckily, our camera was close enough that I was able to get some pictures before they both scurried off. I tried to get a little closer onto the deck and into our sun room, but I ended up scaring Mama and Baby off. Mama came back later without her fawn (probably because it was too "unsafe") to do a little more nibbling in our and our neighbor's yards. We would have never seen anything like this at our old house in Ohio because we lived in such an urban area there. (Well, we actually had deer in our front yard there once, but that was a fluke.) Living in our new town, which is a much more rural city (if there is such a thing) and full of woodsy areas, I think we'll be seeing more occurrences of deer and the like. I know that we have two little bunnies living nearby because I've seen them nibbling on our plants a couple of times this week, too. They always hop away before I can get a picture though.

Here are the doe and her fawn enjoying our flowers (picture quality isn't that great because of the glare of my camera's flash on windows):

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