Friday, September 5, 2008

Politics Schmolitics

I'm not going to beat around the bush here. I hate this time of year. Every piece of media around is inundated with information about the current campaign struggle between Obama and McCain. Personally, I could care less. I know. What a terrible, cynical viewpoint to have during such an "important election". Again, I won't beat around the bush. I HATE politicians. Every one of them tries to talk the talk, but very few of them actually ends up walking the walk. Please, Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, don't tell me about how you plan on changing our country for the better with all of your rhetoric and whatnot thrown in for good measure. Show me that one or both of you can actually cause that change to happen. The past few years have been really frustrating for most Americans with job losses, high gas and food prices, inadequate health care, degenerating education for our children, etc., and so on, and so forth. We see what needs to be fixed, but can't find the right leadership to help us fix it. I'm not blaming one single person for all of this. I blame everyone in any kind of government position who isn't trying his/her hardest to work for his/her constituents and who is more interested in furthering his/her own political agenda. Personally, I wish we didn't have such a thing as an election campaign. Instead of seeing two different people trying their best to show the American public how they can help us all in their own unique way, I see two different men furthering the terrible division within our country. Instead of hearing the speeches filled with hope and courage for the future of the United States, I only see the protesters and angry opponents of each candidate trying their hardest to make us all remember that one side isn't better than the other. I don't know if that makes any sense, but it did in my head as I wrote it. Basically, I'm tired of the fact that we have Republicans and Democrats. I'm tired of the fact that we have people who only see single issues, like abortion, gun control, universal health care, war, whatever, and vote based on the candidates' personal views on those issues. Yes, I know the issues are important, but I want my vote to go to the person who can show us he/she is the right person for the job. I want to vote for the candidate who can demonstrate true leadership and turn around not only the world's view of the United States, but our own view of ourselves. I want to stop being so cynical about everything that is currently happening to us, and I want to believe we can truly be a better country (and world). I want someone in Washington to stand up for every single human being, fight for peace and harmony, and show us that we can rely on ourselves to better ourselves. Seriously, I wish we could have a trial period for our government leaders. If after 90 days, someone hasn't shown America that he/she is cut out for the position, we should have the option to return him/her, no questions asked, and put someone else in his/her place. It is wishful thinking on my part, but maybe we wouldn't be in the position we find ourselves in now if we had such a plan in place. Go ahead all of you politicians out there and keep talking. I'm not going to listen until you start acting on your words. If anyone reading this can point me to a place somewhere listing the past actions of our presidential candidates that show their real concern for America and its betterment, somewhere that is completely objective and doesn't show the slightest bit of bias toward either one, I would be totally grateful. I haven't decided with whom my vote lies yet, but I want it to be an educated decision. Come on, Obama and McCain, don't beat around the bush either, and show me what you can do for me and my fellow Americans. If you can't do that, I may just have to write-in my own candidate. Maybe Captain Jean-Luc Picard, for example. Yes, I know he's a fictional character and he had his flaws, but when it came right down to it, most every decision he made was for the good of the people on his ship and for the entire Federation of Planets (read: everyone on Earth and many other planets). He made his choices based on how they would affect the many rather than the few. I think there are some politicians in America who could learn from that.
That's the end of my rant on politics. I shall never bring the topic up, again.

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Glass of Whine said...

It is funny how history keeps repeating itself. If we were alive in the 60's I bet you'd be writing a similar post.