Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really Quick, Before I Forget...

V said his first comprehensible sentence, this morning! My hubby will say that he's been speaking in sentences for a while, and it's true, but most of those sentences have been full of gibberish and few "real" words. This morning, however, when he ran to his bedroom to get his diaper changed, he jumped on the air mattress on the floor of his bedroom*, got under the covers, and said "I nigh-nigh", which (in adult speak) means "I'm going to bed!". He was just playing around and was clearly not sleepy, but the fact that he put together a pronoun and a verb (sort of) plus the fact that I clearly understood him just totally made my morning!
Now, we must get ourselves ready to go to the local Barnes and Noble, so we can listen to a story and play at the Thomas the Train set (or, the other way around, depending on V's mood). Also, I need to stop blogging, so I can stop V from bonking me on the head with his shape blocks to get my attention. He thinks it's funny. I think it hurts!
Best to you all,

*I'll explain the air mattress thing in another post.

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