Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Words

Just a quick one while V naps, and I get a little time to myself. Here are a few words or phrases I've heard V say in the past few weeks. The first "word" is how it sounds when he talks. The second is the actual word or phrase that he's trying to say.:

-"dink" or "gink" = "Drink!" or "I want a drink."
-"gaye" = "Game!" or "I want to play that game!" We've also heard through tears something that sounds very much like "I want game!"
-"stawbee" = "strawberry"
-"moo" = Can either be the sound a cow makes or "moon", depending on the context
-"key" = "kitty" or "key", depending on the context
-"Ganma" = "Grandma!"
-"Pa-paw" = "Grandpa!"
-"Nigh, nigh" = "Good night." or "I'm going to bed."
-"pay" = "play"
-"na-na" = "banana"
-"puppy" = "dog" or "puppy"
-"pappy" = "paci" or "pacifier"
-"way-way" = "raisin" or "raining", like in "It's raining. It's pouring..."
-"bape" = "grapes"
-"Bye, guy!" = "Goodbye!" or "Bye, guys!"
-"Hewoe, Mommy!" or "Hewoe, Daddy!" = "Hello, Mommy!" or "Hello, Daddy!"
-"dank" or "no, dank" = "Thanks!" or "No, Thanks!"
-"Boos Coos" or "Boo" = "Blues Clues"
-"Gabba!" = "Yo Gabba Gabba"
-"Duby" = "Max and Ruby"
-"tee" = "tree"
-"wah-wah" = "water"
-"bee" = "green beans" or any kind of bean
-"moh" = "more", and last night, we heard a lot of "Moh bee!" or "More green beans!"
-"out-thide" = "outside"
-"buhfy" or sometimes "buy" = "butterfly"
-"cake" = "Cake!" or "brownies"
-"eye keem" = "ice cream"
-"Kay!" = "crayons", only when he's pointing at them
-"ball" = "ball"
-"bowl" = "bowl"
-"pop" = "Pop!" when a bubble pops or "lollipop"
-"bubble" = "bubbles"
-"uhhh" = "up"
-"down" = "down"
-And as plain as day, he said "monkey" the other day while doing a puzzle!
He will also make animal sounds, and he'll growl when he sees a picture of a wild animal or even when he sees a car! He's still singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" and the "ABC Song", but he's now added "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" as well as the theme songs to "Blues Clues", "Yo Gabba Gabba" and "Max and Ruby". Most everything is still gibberish, but he pretty much has the tunes down and can say a few of the words. My favorite is when he sings "Kunkle, Kunkle, Wuttle Car" with such earnestness. It's just so cute!
Best to you all,

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