Sunday, September 7, 2008

Science Is Fun! And, It Works....

B and I took the kiddo to a place called WonderLab this afternoon. It's a great science museum geared toward children, though it seemed the adults had as much fun as their kids when we were there. We've been to a couple of other children's museums since V was born, but I think all three of us had the best time at WonderLab than at any of the other places. It's much smaller, and because it was a Sunday I think, it wasn't crowded at all. I actually didn't feel uncomfortable about letting V roam around on his own and check out the various stations. There were a couple of frightening moments when I turned, and he wasn't near me or B. However, since most of the museum takes up one big room, it wasn't hard to find him again. What I really liked was the area called "The Discovery Garden", which is just for kids 6 years old and under. It had everything, including working drum pads that made awesome noises, puzzles that fit together with velcro, a water table with cool toys, a musical instrument that uses blowing air to work, and even a tank with a gecko for the kids to watch. The best part about that area was it had one way in and out of it that could be locked. There was a sign up on its wall advertising a story time on Wednesday mornings, so I may have to take V there again soon. I think my favorite room overall was the Bubble Room. You had to be there to experience it, though. Here are a few pictures to give you an idea about how our afternoon went:

At WonderLab, you can learn how a hot air balloon flies.

One of V's favorite things at the museum, which was watching balls roll around in complex contraptions:

Like father, like son.

The water table was really cool.

B, trying to make the biggest bubble in the world!

That's just really cool!

I think the boys are ready to start their own band.

Although I'm allergic, a working beehive enclosed in glass didn't scare me a bit. It was actually quite fascinating to watch. And, you can get a free sample of the beehive's honey when you leave the museum!

Hoist your army men up to the ceiling and watch them parachute to the ground. Don't you wish you could have done that back in the day?

Did we have fun, or what?

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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