Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Post As Random As My Twitters...

Random thoughts for the day:

1. When slicing open a frozen blueberry bagel before toasting it, it might be a good idea to make sure my thumb isn't so close to the knife. Ouch.

2. Beautiful morning + 2-year-old = play time at the park.

3. When playing at said park, it might be a good idea to bring our own shovel and pail. One communal shovel just isn't enough to go around and causes too many kid confrontations.

4. Wet slide + 2-year-old = unhappy 2-year-old with a wet butt.

5. I don't know when the local police department decided to change their vehicles, but it was a nice surprise to see a Prius marked "Sheriff" today. Not only are they saving money on gas, they're helping the environment, too. We LOVE B's Prius. It's been one of the best vehicles we've ever had, especially on long trips.

6. "Bob the Builder" + 2-year-old = quiet 2-year-old for at least a half hour.

7. I put bacon on my deli chicken sandwich for lunch. Because everything's better with bacon. And pirates. Yes, pirates.

8. I've been catching up on hours of "X-Files" episodes recorded on our DVR from the Sci-Fi channel. Watched a two-parter yesterday. When did Mulder and Scully have a love child? Must try to watch the other older episodes to get some kind of clue to that development.

9. Sent out five bills this morning. Three of them were for our house in Ohio. Luckily, those bills will end after this week because the buyers close on Friday. Huzzah!

10. I wonder how long it will take V to go down for a nap today? At least we both actually got some real sleep last night, even if part of that sleep happened in the same bed as B. Oh, well. We'll keep trying on this transition thing.

11. My son is currently tearing up a Crate and Barrel catalog. Fine with me. He seems to care about the store and it's luxuries as much as I do. Which is very little, apparently.

12. "Bob the Builder" has ended, which means this post has ended as well.
Best to you all,

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