Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Our little family has had a fun three day weekend, so far (well, at least V and I have). The worst part about it is it's been B's first call weekend for his office. Because of the number of physicians in his group, he only has one weekend call a month. It just so happens that his first one ended up being scheduled for Labor Day weekend. While he was busy delivering babies and seeing patients in the office and hospital on Saturday and Sunday, V and I spent time with some college friends of ours. We went to a zoo on Saturday, and though it was very hot, he had a great time, especially when we made it to the little water park area. Really, it was just a bunch of fountains and fun structures that squirt water everywhere, but it's the perfect thing to have in the middle of a zoo in the summertime. Not only did the kids love it, but I saw many parents (me included) getting thankfully drenched by the cool water. I had an extra change of clothes for me, and I had put V in his swim trunks and swim shirt before we went to the zoo, so we could just walk right into the "splash zone" and have fun. Besides that, we had some fun checking out the exotic animals. The tiger was especially active that day, and he "talked" to all of the people observing him. It was one of the most amazing sounds I'd ever heard. I can see why one wouldn't want to encounter a tiger in the wild! After the zoo, V and I hung out with our friends and just had fun relaxing. Yesterday, our friends came to our house to try to spend time with B, as well. He was still on call and spent most of his time in the hospital trying to help a woman deliver her first baby. Our friends, V, and I ended up going to the mall, then crashed at our house for a bit, and then went back out for dinner. Luckily, B finished up at the hospital around the same time we finished dinner, so he was able to enjoy the take out we brought home and got some time with our friends before they left to go back to their house. B went into the hospital this morning to round on patients as he usually does when he's on-call the day before. It turns out that when a doctor in his practice is on-call for the entire weekend, they don't have to round on patients on Monday morning. He didn't discover this until he ran into the physician who took over call from him. So, he came back home earlier than expected this morning, and he has the rest of the day off! Yay! We've been lazing about in the family room watching TV and playing on the laptops. The only plans we've made for today are possibly setting up V's Elmo sprinkler outside, so he can play in the water, and later, we're going to a Labor Day get together hosted by one of the other physicians in B's office. I think it's supposed to be a welcoming party for us, but I'm not sure who all will be there. It should be fun, though! I'm looking forward to getting out and socializing a bit more, especially since I haven't seen B's colleagues in a long time. It'll be nice to get to know them and their families better. Well, I better get off the computer and get showered and ready for the day! Here are a few pics from our weekend. Hope you all have been having us much fun as us!
Best to you all,

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